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Establishing a professional relationship is important for our work together. I listen with compassion and communicate thoughtfully to meet your needs.

Meet Kate

When I moved to western Massachusetts in the spring of 2014, I immediately immersed myself in the world of sustainable agriculture. I worked at several organic farms and a locally-owned restaurant in Shelburne Falls that provided fresh and delicious meals using local and organic ingredients.

I enjoyed farming and using my hands to provide a valuable service to my community. However, I felt called to work with others on a more personal level, with a greater focus on overall well-being.

After meditating on a new direction, massage therapy came to mind. I applied and was accepted to The Massage School in Easthampton, and within the first week of class, I knew massage was the work I was meant to do in the world.

I graduated from The Massage School in Easthampton in May of 2017, with the ambition to provide support and change in a person’s life. I am insured with ABMP #1130777 and licensed in the state of Massachusetts.

I work with athletes and active people of all abilities and those who have experienced physical and emotional trauma. My work incorporates active and passive stretching to increase flexibility and range of motion, as well as trigger point therapy to promote healing from injury or from chronic pain. I often suggest stretches and yoga poses for my clients to practice in between treatments to maintain flexibility while easing sore spots. It is my intention to create a safe and sacred space for each person I work with, to support their healing on both physical and energetic levels.

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Whether you need some extra attention in your shoulders, or time to simply rest, I look forward to helping you ease your pain and stress while bringing more balance and peace of mind into your daily life.

My Commitment to Being an Anti-Racist Business Owner

  • I commit to never discriminate against or turn away services to anyone based on their race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.
  • I commit to becoming aware of my own prejudices and racial biases in my private practice and in my personal life.
  • I commit to educating myself with anti-racism books, articles, and courses.
  • I commit to supporting black-owned and non-white businesses whenever possible when making purchases for my business and in my personal life.
  • I commit to honor all people of color and to stand against racism wherever it appears. 
  • I hope to uphold the oath of “Do No Harm” in the context of supporting People Of Color and those who have been oppressed by systemic racism.

Whether you need a deep tissue or relaxation massage, I will do my best to meet your needs with kindness and compassion.


Learn how to make self-care a routine outside of the massage room to keep you balanced and calm.

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