massage on upper shoulder

Body Respect Is My #1 Priority

I’ve had clients tell me that other massage therapists have commented on their bodies. Whether it’s a compliment or what sounds like a condescending remark makes no difference. Commenting on someone’s body without being prompted by the client is inappropriate.

There are times when things come up, such as shifts or intentional movements made by the client that calls for attention from the therapist. And if there is something that seems concerning, it should be brought to the client’s attention.

However, it’s our tone of voice and how we phrase a question or comment that matters.

I always ask clients that I see for their first session if there is an area of their body that they would like me to avoid. Any techniques they don’t like. Any injuries, surgeries, traumas they’ve experienced in the past or more recently.

I never make comments on their body unless asked. And I answer with gentleness. While I believe everyone is different, we do have similarities in where we store tension and stress. I kindly remind my clients that a lot of people experience similar hardships and stress. It’s not to minimize or generalize their pain, but to let them know that they are not alone.

Massage is very personal. Having respect, compassion, and understanding are the core values of my work. I deeply honor and appreciate clients that trust in me for the care of their physical, emotional, and overall well-being.

There is still much to learn in this field, and I look forward to bringing more knowledge and hands-on skills to serve more clients in 2020.

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