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Detoxing from Massage: Fact or Myth?

Does massage help release toxins from your body?

No. Just no.

I occasionally hear therapists make this claim with clients after a session.
I think what they mean to say is, our bodies do an incredible job on their own releasing waste products. The major organs of the body, specifically the kidneys, liver, intestines, and even skin and lungs work hard to process what we take in and release what we don’t need.

We do absorb environmental toxins through our skin from the air we breathe, building materials and other furnishings in our homes, and potentially from soil and water too.

Once environmental toxins are in the body, they can be stored, excreted, or bio-transformed, such as the digestion of food.

The liver, kidney, and lungs are bio-transforming organs that change a substance in the body so that it can be used or eliminated. So our bodies can detoxify, or release toxins, on their own!

If you really want to do something yourself to release toxins, consider taking a sauna and exercising regularly. And then, go get a massage to rest and relax. It’s a win-win.

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