Feel Lighter in Body & Spirit with
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Relax and Release Your Physical & Emotional Tension

Relax and Release Your Physical & Emotional Tension

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as tapping, is a type of energy work that involves tapping meridian points on the body. 

If you suffer from constant anxiety, stress from work, chronic or acute pain, or past traumas, EFT may offer you the relief you are seeking.

Whether you are familiar with energy healing practices, such as meditation, reiki, massage, acupuncture – or brand new to all of this and seeking out a tool or manage stress, pain, and anxiety –  I would love to meet with you to see what relief EFT can offer.

Go Deeper on Issues that Present Patterns

EFT is a tool to help you go deeper on an issue that you would like to work past. It could be an issue that keeps coming up in your life or it could be a new issue you are facing. Together, you and I will work to personalize the treatment to meet your needs. From working on clearing past traumatic memories, to getting clear on what is holding you back from a certain project or task, I want to support you toward feeling more peaceful, more compassionate (towards yourself and others), and lighter in body and spirit. 

EFT teaches you how to be more responsive, rather than reactive, towards these challenges. Some people report experiencing less “mental chatter” and a greater sense of calm. Those who come to me for EFT do so in order to feel more at peace in mind and body.

How EFT & Massage Go Hand in Hand

The benefits of EFT results are amplified when combined with massage. My massage practice is dedicated to helping clients release pain, stress, tension, and anxiety through the power of touch, and EFT can aid in this healing process by uncovering and addressing the root causes of these issues from an emotional perspective.

How to Book an EFT Session

This work is done remotely over Zoom. I recommend a comfortable, quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Pajamas, blankets, and water are encouraged! EFT is not only therapeutic work we do together, it is also a tool you can use on your own in between sessions.

Sessions last 60 minutes and are scheduled weekly. 5-8 Sessions are recommended. Appointments can be booked online. 

Tapping for HSPs and Empaths

If you’d like to learn more about how tapping can help support you as a highly sensitive person or empath, click here to read about working with me.

Sessions last 60 minutes and are scheduled weekly. 5-8 Sessions are recommended. Appointments can be booked online. 

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Whether you need a deep tissue or relaxation massage, I will do my best to meet your needs with kindness and compassion.


Learn how to make self-care a routine outside of the massage room to keep you balanced and calm.

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