Overcome Anxiety & Heal Traumawith EFT Tapping for HSPs & Empaths

EFT Tapping for highly sensitive people and empaths to overcome anxiety, develop true self-love and compassion, and set boundaries with confidence & ease

Have you ever wonderedif EFT is for You?

You know you’re a highly sensitive person or empath if…

You care deeply about the people in your life and the natural world

You are intuitive and easily pick up on the energy of a person or place

You need more time to rest & recharge than others

And you may be struggling with...

Unclear boundaries and difficulty saying no

Lack of clarity on what is an aligned yes for you, especially if you have a habit of pleasing others 

Not completely trusting yourself in making decisions 

Low confidence, so you seek approval from others

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as tapping, is a powerful tool and modality to regulate your nervous system that works to acknowledge your hardships while helping to transform your mindset so that you can show up as the calm, confident, and compassionate person that you desire to be. Let’s chat about how EFT can help you.

EFT Tapping is for YOU,
if you are ready to…

Let go of people-pleasing and set rock-solid boundaries with confidence & ease

Boost your self-worth and feel proud of who you are as a highly sensitive person and empath

Let go of anxiety and overwhelm and regain your sense of calm

Invest in and commit to your personal growth in a three-month coaching container* (see info on this below)

What my clients are saying...

What does it look like to practice EFT 1:1 with me?

I’m here to guide and support your personal development with an immense amount of love and compassion.

I recognize that doing the inner work can be difficult. 

I provide personalized guidance and accountability which is essential to making lasting change and transformation that is more effective than DIY-ing through nonspecific YouTube videos and websites that share less than accurate information.

My goal is to provide you with exceptional and reliable support and encouragement to remind you that you are not alone, and that showing up to do the work requires a lot of courage and integrity. You deserve to be cheered on and loved in the process.

What does it look like to work 1:1 with me?

Kate Hennessey Photo

Kate Hennessey, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner

While the focus of our EFT work will depend on what you need help with, we will examine:

The root cause of your self-limiting beliefs such as not feeling enough, being too much, or that being highly sensitive or emotional is a flaw [hint hint: you are enough and being sensitive is a strength!]

Childhood and adult trauma to address feelings of unworthiness, lack of boundaries, and social anxiety with tapping so that you can heal your past safely and effectively

Inner child healing techniques to make yourself feel seen, heard, and loved for who you are

What's included in the EFT Package?

Grounding meditations to start your session focused and centered

Weekly tapping sessions to guide you in healing your past and to regain your confidence in owning and loving who you are as a highly sensitive person and empath

Journal prompts and tapping phrases to practice on your own in between sessions to further your healing

Audio recordings to further guide your tapping journey between sessions

Are You Feeling Ready?Let's Dive in!

Schedule a free call or book your sessions now if you’re ready to dive in & invest in your healing


I am currently taking on new clients on a rolling basis.

The length of time is dependent on the issue you need support with, and this is decided on during a free consultation call. I have packages ranging from 4 sessions to 12 sessions.

Depending on which package you choose, the investment is between $400-$1000.

I work with clients over zoom

I offer sessions over zoom on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and some Saturday evenings. 

When you purchase, you will have the option and flexibility to schedule your sessions at the best times that work for you.

I do not accept insurance. I offer several low-cost workshops throughout the year. You can stay in touch by following me on Instagram.

Looking For More On EFT?

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