Please reach out to me if you have any additional questions. 

We will talk and check in before we start the session. I ask clients to arrive 10 minutes before your massage so that I can do a more thorough intake and better understand your needs. You should also plan to be available for at least 90 minutes for a 1-hour session to check in and follow up after the massage.

A massage should never hurt. You may experience some discomfort if you ask for deep tissue, but it’s more about finding your threshold to receive the care you need. I work slowly to calm the nervous system. My work is more targeted and is aimed to release trigger or tender points in the body that are causing discomfort when working with those seeking deep tissue massage to relieve chronic or acute pain. Relaxation massage offers more broad and long, gliding strokes rather than probing deep into the muscles. I often incorporate breathing and stretching into both styles of massage, with the intention of creating more space in your muscles and peace in your mind.

This depends both on your physical and emotional needs. People with high stress and chronic pain looking to address a specific condition can benefit from receiving bodywork every week until the condition has significantly improved. For those seeking relaxation, once a month is adequate. After the end of the first session, I have a better hands-on understanding of your particular muscular issues. We will have a conversation to see how you are feeling and what will work best for you. 

That is entirely up to you. I always suggest undressing to however you are most comfortable. You may undress completely, stay fully clothed, or anywhere in between. It is my job to make sure you feel safe and comfortable when receiving massage and bodywork.

Your role is to feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed. You can breathe into your body. Let your mind wander. Ask me a question if you need an adjustment. This is your time to show up just as you are without fear or judgment from me.

Many people choose this time to close their eyes and drift into a more relaxed state of being. Sometimes, clients fall asleep. Other times, clients like to talk. I will check in about pressure in the beginning and if I notice a response from your body. I never engage in conversation unless prompted to. I do prefer clients to drop in to their body and honor this time for themselves as sacred self-care. 

That is up to you. If you have questions about my techniques or what I’m doing during the massage, feel free to ask. If something is uncomfortable or if you’d like more attention in a particular area, please do speak up.

I never start a conversation asking about your personal life. If you’d like to share something, that is okay. However, I do encourage you to tune in to your body by focusing on your breath or quietly setting an intention for the session. This helps to calm the mind and fully receive the benefits of massage therapy.

Most clients feel very relaxed, and even a bit dreamy after a session. I recommend drinking plenty of water and resting as much as possible. 

Depending on the work we did, you may feel sore after or even the next day. Deeper work can sometimes create more pain initially. I often suggest yoga poses to ease sore spots in-between sessions. Heat and Epsom salts are also helpful with decreasing pain in sensitive areas.

The frequency of receiving bodywork is very individual. If you have a serious and chronic condition and you find massage to be beneficial, receiving weekly or biweekly treatments can be helpful to alleviate pain and increase your overall well-being. If you are seeking relief from stress and anxiety, getting a massage every 2-4 weeks may serve you best. We will have a discussion after your first session to see what will work best for you.

I require 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. I understand that unforeseen circumstances and emergencies arise from time-to-time. I ask for this courtesy so that others in need may book an appointment. Please know you will be charged 50% of the treatment cost at your next session if an appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

I accept cash, check, and all credit cards as forms of payment.

Read about my My Commitment to Being an Anti-Racist Business Owner here on my About page.

  • In the event that I have been exposed to COVID-19, I will cancel all appointments and self-isolate until I obtain a test.
  • If a client calls to report that they tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 14 days of their massage session, I will contact all clients from that period of time and self-isolate until I can obtain testing and be cleared of infection.
  • In the case that I test positive for COVID-19, I will inform all clients from the previous 14 days and quarantine until infection is cleared.
  • In the event that YOU test positive for COVID-19, within 14 days after your session, please contact me as soon as possible.
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