Breath Deep Massage

After checking in and setting an objective for the session, I invite you to begin with slow breaths to tune into your body and calm your mind. My method of working slowly, deeply, and with compassionate touch allows you to breathe into your body to break free of tension and stress. I incorporate deep tissue techniques and assisted stretches to aid in your healing process. I check in by asking about pressure, temperature, and positioning to make sure you feel comfortable and safe in receiving the benefits of massage therapy.

Rates: $85 for 60 min | $115 for 90 min


Relaxation Massage

Long and gliding strokes are used with light to medium pressure to help relax your nervous system and allow your mind to become more at ease. This technique helps to relieve muscular tension, improve circulation, and help you enter a calmer state of being.

Deep Tissue Massage

Trigger point therapy is a deep tissue massage technique that utilizes firm and static pressure to target pain points in the body. These points are most often in the upper and lower back and can trigger pain to other areas of the body. This method is helpful for those who struggle with chronic pain or if you’ve experienced an injury.

Pin and Stretch

Passive stretching techniques are implemented to create more space in your body while improving your flexibility. Applying pressure to the glute muscles and hip flexors while stretching the quadriceps and hamstrings helps to improve range of motion and lessen tension in these often stiff muscle groups.

Cupping Massage

This ancient, traditional Chinese and Egyptian technique works to bring the muscle tissue up instead of pressing downward. Creating suction using silicone cups helps to quickly decrease muscle tension and relieve trigger point pain. The cups can be moved with massage or left in place for only a few minutes. This technique is great for athletes who wish to speed up muscle recovery time after exercise.

Foot Soak Treatment

Treat your feet to an invigorating foot bath! Soothing salts help to soften cracked heels and a detox scrub with grapefruit and orange peel essential oils will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

Event Chair Massage

Contact me to inquire about offering my services in your office or for your private event.

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