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My Commitment to Becoming an Anti-Racist Business Owner

I know that I am new to this work of becoming anti-racist.

I recognize that I have been complicit in and have benefited from white supremacy and systemic racism.

I hope to uphold the oath of “Do No Harm” in the context of supporting People Of Color and those who have been oppressed by systemic racism.

  • I commit to never discriminate against or turn away services to anyone based on their race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

  • I commit to becoming aware of my own prejudices and racial biases in my private practice and in my personal life.

  • I commit to educating myself with anti-racism books, articles, and courses.

  • I commit to supporting black-owned and non-white businesses whenever possible when making purchases for my business and in my personal life.

  • I commit to honor all people of color and to stand against racism wherever it appears.

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