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“If you’re looking for a massage therapist who will simultaneously relax you and give you targeted, deep pressure on your problem areas, look no further. Kate focused on the pain in my middle and upper back and was able to melt away some of my most stubborn knots. And I was still able to exist pleasantly in that special space between wakefulness and dreaming, completely de-stressed and trusting in her hands the whole time. 100% recommend!”

-Becca A

“Kate is professional and responsive to both the cues from my body and the feedback I offer during and after the massage. I am absolutely appreciative that such a skilled and informed massage therapist is right here in the valley! She soothed and relieved my tight upper traps and hamstrings. Phew! Do yourself a favor and book your massage with Kate!”

-Shawna S.

“I had a bad fall on the ice and was in so much pain that I was afraid to sneeze because it hurt so bad and it was also painful just to roll out of bed in the morning. After just two sessions with Kate I felt so much relief from the pain. She knew the right pressure points to work on to give me quick relief from the muscle tension and pain. Even though I feel so much better I want to continue to treat myself to a massage regularly because Kate is in tune with the healing needs of my body and provides me with a massage personalized to my health and well being!”

-John W.

“Kate is a talented and caring massage therapist. She will customize her techniques to her client and is always open to feedback and requests. I find her space approachable and calming. Usually when working with Kate, I get so relaxed that I actually fall asleep on the table. I appreciate the conveniences of free parking and online scheduling. Great value for the price.”

-Lauren D.

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Whether you need a deep tissue or relaxation massage, I will do my best to meet your needs with kindness and compassion.


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