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The “Do No Harm” Oath

“Do no harm” is an oath that massage therapists (and other healthcare providers) take when they pursue their work in the healthcare field.

It sounds simplistic. Obvious.

To me, it means:

  • Listening (without interrupting)

  • Asking carefully chosen questions without placing assumptions on a person’s condition

  • Admitting when I don’t know or don’t have an answer (but will follow up after thoroughly researching the question or issue)

  • Gaining and building trust over time

  • Maintaining client confidentiality

  • Acknowledging my unconscious biases and white privilege to better support people of color and all backgrounds in my business (and in the world)

The last point is one I’ve been working with over the past week.
I still have a lot to learn. And unlearn.

It’s been a core value of mine from the beginning to make massage accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial means or background.

Although I am still uncertain about when I will be able to perform my work, I do know that I will do my best (through research and taking courses) to make massage more inclusive.

Everyone deserves to be cared for.
Everyone deserves to be respected.
Everyone deserves a (and regular) massage.

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