Three easy ways for managing upper back pain

We all suffer from upper back pain from time to time. And for some of us, it can be a daily occurrence.

We can easily feel defeated when we are dealing with pain day-in and day-out, and it can be hard to manage the tension and discomfort with our already busy schedules.

That’s why I am sharing three easy ways for you to take action to decrease pain in the shoulders and neck that won’t take more than 10-20 minutes:

Stretch regularly
Find a few yoga poses to open up your upper back muscles to decrease pain and increase flexibility.
My favorites: thread the needleseated supine twist, and eagle arms.

Utilize warm or cool compressions
If you’re struggling with chronic back pain, try using a heating pad or warm compress to apply to the sore area.
If you recently injured your back, apply ice or a cool compress to decrease inflammation. You may also alternate between warm and cool compresses.

If you’re interested in trying something topical, apply CBD oil or salve to reduce joint inflammation and muscle soreness. Although there is still more to research and learn about CBD for pain relief, I can say from personal experience that CBD has been extremely helpful for me in reducing pain and anxiety.

Be gentle with yourself when you’re experiencing pain.
Come back to your breath, do less if you can, and give yourself compassion.
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