Why your hands (and forearms) need massage

Massage Touch

It’s safe to say most of us are spending more time on the computer in the last year than is normal for us.

And even if you aren’t working from home, think of how much stress you put your hands through every day: gripping a steering wheel, pick up a heavy laundry basket, chopping vegetables for a meal, the list goes on.

Our hands get sore without us realizing how tight we are.

Fortunately, there are ways you can massage your hands and forearms at home between sessions. Here’s how:

Start at the top of your arm. Using the opposite hand, gently squeeze the meaty, fleshy areas just below your elbow. Squeeze on the inside of your arm and then on the outside. Start gently here – then increase pressure as needed. It should feel good and relieving – not painful. Work your way hand to your hand. You can rotate your arm while squeezing with your thumb – I love this technique!

Move to the palm of your hand, using a light pincer grip, squeeze that meaty area at the base of your thumb. Lightly squeeze up and down all those finger bones through the palm, and up each finger. I like finishing with a good stretch – pushing your fingers down and pulling your fingers up. This is extension and flexion. 

Now switch hands and repeat on the other arm and hand! Have a friend or family member nearby? Practice on each other!

If you have achiness, tendonitis, or pain you can’t work out on your own – schedule a session. I’ve been told I give great (and deep) hand massages.




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